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Achumboro Ataande is a distinguished entrepreneur and investor, boasting a diverse portfolio as a four-time founder and an angel investor with a keen focus on early-stage startups across the United States and Africa. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Ataande is a licensed attorney, underlining his multifaceted expertise and commitment to legal excellence. He is the visionary behind Uplift Communities, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages through comprehensive programs on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership, life skills, college preparation, and workforce development. This initiative reflects Ataande’s passion for nurturing societal growth and individual success. Ataande is highly sought after as a speaker, sharing his insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and investment at prestigious platforms including Fortune 500 companies, UN-associated events, and academic institutions worldwide. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his personal goal of reading over 200 books annually in the fields of business, investing, and self-improvement. With a rich tapestry of experiences from traveling to over 30 countries, Ataande is on a mission to explore an additional 100+ countries over the next two decades, seeking global perspectives and opportunities for growth and investment. Through his diverse ventures and initiatives, Achumboro Ataande continues to make a significant impact, educating thousands annually and inspiring the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

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