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Unlocking African Talents for Global Success

Mozisha vets, upskills and places Africa's top talents in global enterprises.

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Mozisha, Your Growth Partner

Join other VC-backed companies to experience exponential growth.

Premium Talents

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We carefully identify and nurture the best talents from over 50 african countries.

Moreover, we carefully adapt each role to suit your particular requirements.


Seamlessly Scale Your Team

Whether you need one or multiple talents, Mozisha streamlines the process, allowing you to scale your team within a few days.

Our smooth onboarding process keeps your operations agile and flexible.


Unbeatable Value

Access top-tier talents at a remarkably competitive rate.

Enjoy the best while we handle all payroll obligations

Mozisha's Secret to Success is the "Integrate" Model.

We don't just offer talents; we seamlessly integrate a new team member into your company.

Seamlessly integrates with your team

Grant them access to your company email, Slack, Zoom, and other relevant tools. Also, remember to include them in your virtual team meetings!

In sync with your time zone.

Our talents operate during your standard business hours, regardless of the time zone difference.

Full Time

Our skilled professionals work full-time, dedicating 40 hours a week exclusively to your tasks and projects.

With ample support for success.

Engaging global talent can seem daunting at first, but we're here to provide you with continuous support.

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How It Works

When you partner with Mozisha, you won't need to review resumes or take part in any interviews – we completely handle this process for you!

Complete the Needs Assessment Form

Simply fill out the form with the relevant information


We select and onboard your desired talent(s) tailored to your specific requirements, including working hours, and this process typically takes around 7 days.

Meet Your Talent(s)

And let's grow together! Your newly onboarded talent(s) is seamlessly integrated as a full-time member of your team.

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"Thinking of Mozisha: Professional, Committed, and Result-Driven. Since February 2023, Mozisha has been a critical part of Authentic Kitchens' success, fueling exponential growth this year with exceptional service."

Noel Sinaga

Co-founder/CEO, Authentic Kitchens

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"Mozisha's team not only understood our educational mission but also enhanced it with their strategic insights. With their support, we've seen remarkable growth, and our tutors can now focus more on what they do best—educating."

Christian Nwigwe

Founder/CEO, Platinum Edge

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"Mozisha is our strategic partner for all English-speaking countries, offering us access to business development experts and additional resources crucial for our expansion efforts."

Mickael Vieira

CEO, Lebot.io


Mozisha nurtures top-tier African technology talent through its innovative, practice-based model. We also empower fast-growing companies to build remote data, sales, marketing, and operations teams in Africa, granting them access to stellar talent at competitive rates.

Our commitment to excellence shines through our innovative model, where we meticulously identify and cultivate premium talent to perfectly match the specific needs of our partner businesses. Leveraging our extensive network and deep expertise, we empower companies to access a pool of highly skilled African professionals capable of driving innovation, efficiency, and growth – all at highly competitive rates. Whether you require one or several talented individuals, Mozisha streamlines the recruitment process, enabling you to seamlessly scale your team within a matter of days.

Driven by our innovative, practice-based training model, young Africans gain the competitive edge to thrive on the global stage. This comprehensive program includes immersive skills training, real-world capstone projects, expert mentorship, and practical apprenticeship opportunities.

Designed for your success, the Mozisha Mentorship Program is a customized, 3- month journey. Whether you're an emerging professional ready to take the next step or an aspiring talent eager to learn from the best, we connect you with seasoned experts who share your path and achievements.

Mozisha Apprenticeship pairs talented Africans with businesses for an immersive 3-month training program. This hands-on experience equips young individuals with the practical skills they need to excel in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Mozisha connects fast-growing businesses across diverse sectors with top-tier, pre-trained talent. Regardless of your location or industry, we meticulously match your specific needs with premium talent, ensuring a seamless integration into your team.

Mozisha specializes in providing data, sales, marketing, and operations talents.

Fill out the needs assessment form on www.mozisha.com/business or contact us at info@mozisha.comto get started.

Kindly contact us at info@mozisha.com to get started

Mozisha bridges the global talent gap by providing a gateway to a network of exceptionally trained professionals across 50+ African countries. We connect companies worldwide with premium African talent, facilitating meaningful partnerships that drive mutual success.

From substandard employment agreements to wrong contractor setups, global hiring can be a compliance minefield. Diverse benefits, fees, and pensions across countries add more complexity. Mozisha cuts through it all, ensuring you're compliant and free to focus on your business. Get top talent to boost your productivity, while we handle the payroll hassle.

Register as a skilled talent seeking job opportunities on our website, and we will contact you with the next steps.

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