About Mozisha
International Limited

Mozisha is an innovative educational development platform which immerses learners in real businesses and projects. Think of Mozisha as a Skills Factory for the African youth. Through our Digital Apprenticeship Platform, we connect learners with businesses in order to develop their skills in line with demands of the labour market. Our learners also gain access to mentors, a supportive community, and are further provided opportunities to monetise their skills.

Our Aim

Mozisha aims to foster the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goal Eight (SDG 8) by helping to equip African youth with requisite skills and matching them up with employment opportunities. At the root of youth unemployment lies both inadequate job creation and the lack of skills or skills mismatch on the part of the job seekers. So, while concerted efforts must be put into enterprise development and adequate job creation, it only solves one part of the equation. Young Africans are also unemployed because they do not have the skills that the market demands –this needs to be addressed too.

We take a multi- pronged approach to solving the unemployment problem by targeting both the supply and the demand of labour. Through access to relevant and practical education, we help to develop young students into competent talents in line with the demands of the contemporary labour market. On the other hand, we also work to raise new entrepreneurs who would create businesses to mop up excess labour supply in the system.

We match learners with established businesses in order to build a real-life work experience through an apprenticeship system and deepen their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills while they work in an online setting.

Mozisha offers a wide range of Skills including Digital Marketing, Graphics/Animation, Data Analytics and Coding/Software Development.

Users can monetize their knowledge and skills on our freelancing platform.


Our Mission

We provide people centered and technology enabled services that expand opportunities for the youth to succeed in entrepreneurship and work.

Our Vision

For every young person in Africa to have access to opportunities to fully maximize his/her potentials

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