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A Flexible Work Arrangement Model and African Talents

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A Flexible Work Arrangement That Gives African Talents A Chance

In late 2019, the conventional meaning of work underwent a global evaluation. The pandemic outbreak known as " Covid-19” sent shock waves through the world economy and triggered the largest global economic crisis in more than a century.

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the world economy, triggering the largest global economic crisis in over a century. As the world ground to a halt, organizations scrambled to keep operations afloat, forced to innovate to survive.

As the world came to a halt as people know it, organizations and businesses found it difficult to keep operations afloat and searched for innovative ways to do so.

The immediate impacts of COVID-19 transcended the global work environment. Africa, one of the regions hit hardest socio-economically, witnessed a significant decline in earning potential. In South Africa alone, one out of every three people employed in February 2020 either lost their job or went unpaid by April.

For the digitally-native workforce, the shift to remote work wasn't just an option, but an opportunity. This "Remote Work Generation" – spanning from Generation Z to Baby Boomers – is exceptionally open, flexible, and eager to embrace innovation, especially within the work environment. The uncertainties, anxieties, and grief associated with COVID-19 shaped their worldview, beliefs, and employment choices – impacting not only the digital economy but also manufacturing, healthcare, and beyond.

A New Wave of Young Africans Bridge the Gap

In Africa, this Remote Work Generation represents a new wave of youth bridging the unemployment gap, while achieving greater freedom and work-life balance. Studies focused on this generation contribute to a broader field of research in social and economic science. These studies aim to develop effective policies for a constantly evolving "work landscape" that fosters both economic growth and the well-being of young Africans.

This aligns perfectly with the concept of "Flexible Work Arrangements" (FWAs), as defined by German management consultant Christel Kammerer. FWAs empower employees to choose when and where they work, granting them the freedom to operate outside of the traditional office setting. The pandemic accelerated regulations regarding FWAs globally, leading to a widespread transition to remote working practices.

Mozisha: Equipping Young Africans to Thrive in the Remote Work Revolution

Today, young Africans can leverage FWAs to access remote jobs worldwide, amidst challenging socio-economic conditions that have paved the way for a thriving gig economy on the continent. However, while the Remote Work Generation is enthusiastic, young Africans may face challenges like unreliable internet connectivity, lack of dedicated workspace, and, importantly, a skills gap that might hinder their ability to compete in the global remote work market.

This is where Mozisha steps in. We bridge the gap by equipping young Africans with the necessary skills to thrive in remote work environments:

Skills Training: We focus on in-demand skills like communication, time management, and project management – all crucial for success in remote work. We also address the skills gap by providing training in areas highly sought-after by remote employers.

Mentorship and Apprenticeship: We connect young talents with experienced professionals for guidance and practical experience in the remote work environment.

Community Building: We foster a supportive network for young remote workers, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Mozisha: A Win-Win Solution for Global Businesses

Mozisha offers a valuable solution for businesses seeking remote talent:

Pre-vetted Talent Pool: We provide access to a pool of skilled and motivated young Africans who have been carefully vetted through our training programs, ensuring they possess the necessary skills to excel in remote work.

Diversity and Inclusion: By partnering with Mozisha, businesses can build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition: Our services offer a cost-effective way to acquire skilled remote talent compared to traditional methods.

Building a Brighter Future

Mozisha is committed to tackling youth unemployment in Africa. By promoting FWAs, equipping young people with the required skills, and bridging the skills gap, we contribute to building a more sustainable future of work on the continent.

Ready to take the next step?

Young African talents: Sign up with Mozisha and unlock your potential in the global remote work landscape.

Businesses seeking skilled remote talent: Explore Mozisha's talent pool and discover the future of your workforce.


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