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Mozisha helps you improve your customer experience with quality engineering services designed to accelerate and enhance speed, quality, and security of systems especially emerging technologies like AI, ML, and Blockchain technologies.

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Our Services

Security Testing

Mozisha can help you gain insight into usability flaws, enhance the user-friendliness of your product with our target audience-based testing, understand your user expectations through our hand-picked set of tests and get a comprehensive assessment of your application’s features with remediation of concerns.

Cyber Consultancy

We offer infrastructure resilience assurance and conduct architectural review to identify infrastructure vulnerabilities affecting your products.

• Business impact assessment
• Threat modeling
• Cloud config review


We secure your DevOps by streamlining cyber automated testing tools into agile and DevOps transferring into DevSecOps, as well as integrating the right process of higher value and integration with your SDLC.

Dynamic Scan (DAST)
Static Scan (SAST)
Software Composition (SCA)

Expert Pen Testing

Our expert pen testing cycles focus on “capture the flag” tasks, alongside Bug Bounty programs.

Red teaming
Remediation support
Reverse engineering (mobile)

Cyber Assurance

We offer expert automation of your AppSec as well as advancing the democratization of your security testing to be done as part of regular testing, through functional manual & automation tests.

CX Testing

Create the right impression on your customers and improve your customer retention. We help optimize your product’s performance as we evaluate the essential metrics of design, usability, and GUI to ensure the ideal customer experience and help you build customer loyalty. 

Performance Testing

We expertly test application performance at high loads, measure, validate and verify operational capabilities to ensure you can offer a flawless customer experience.
We ensure the reliability, responsiveness and consistent performance of your business-critical applications and stable system behavior, which are vital for the success of your brand. We also integrate performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline to discover bottlenecks early in the SDLC.

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