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Delivering Value Through Diversity

We are value obsessed and intentional about working with partners so we can create value for either clients, our people or the tech industry.

We begin with an assessment of the client’s software system, then adopt a plan of action that optimizes for time, resources and automation.

Mozishans are a community of QA talents cut across  54  African countries. Though from diverse cultures, we are bound by a sense of quality delivery, value creation and continuous improvement   

Why Mozisha?

Top Talents

We build high-performing teams from a pool of exceptional QA talents across the 54 countries of the African continent. Our people push the limits and consistently deliver exceptional work with a sense of pride.

Excellent Delivery

Excellent service delivery is not a cliche but a culture in Mozisha. We have a tested and trusted framework that represents how we deliver on tasks. Our service delivery is centred around transparency. We adopt an iterative and agile method that keeps us questioning assumptions, cutting through the fluff, seeking facts and providing value.

Emerging Technologies

We are experts at offering innovative quality engineering services for emerging technologies like: Virtual Reality Systems, Blockchain, Cognitive Autonomous Systems, AI/ML Systems

We are your trusted QA partner for all emerging technologies development.

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Our  Service Delivery Framework

Our services

We offer a range of quality assurance services
Performance Testing

• Stress testing
• Spike testing
• Load testing
• Endurance testing
• Scalability testing

Software Testing

• Functional testing
• API Testing
• System Integration testing
• Data Validation
• Source code analysis

Security Testing

• Penetrative testing
• Ethical Hacking
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Security Audit/Review
• Posture Assessment

Grow into the future, we handle the heavy-lifting