Who we are


We pride ourselves in the rich diversity of our talents. Mozishans cut across 54 countries, 3000 ethnic groups, and over 2100 languages in Africa. We also ensure that 55% of all our talents are women. By partnering with Mozisha, you are sure to significantly enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization

Unique Training Model

Mozisha leverges a powerful combination of study and on the job learning to nurture its talent. Through our partnership with businesses around the world with whom we co-design our courses, we ensure that our talents are trained and retrained to meet the demands of the constantly changing labour market.

A Footprint in Africa. 

As the most youthful continent in the world, Africa is poised to be the major supplier of human capital in the next few decades. With Mozisha’s access to talents from the 54 countries in Africa, we are well positioned to help your organization tap into the future of the global labour force.

Grow into the future, we handle the heavy-lifting